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Collection of 10 Prints.

75 Ib. Arctic Polar Luster. 8x10. Hand signed and archival. 


1. "Within their Solitude"

2. "They Need to know if there's Life after Death they need to know kind of Soon"

3. "Tortured Melancholy"

4. "We Went to a Place Where our Innocence can Easily be Rediscovered"

5. "We're All Just Trying To Take Something Out Of Everything"

6. "Hanging Outside Of Our Heads"

7. "Bend we don't Break"

8. "Who's the you in two Lifetimes, Who's the you in two days, Who's the you two years ago?"

9. "Attempts to Appear Human"

10. Mystery 1 of 1 Print


"If Rooms Could Talk" Print Pack

$125.00 Regular Price
$81.25Sale Price
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